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Schauna Chauhan- The force behind Parle Agro

Success Stories_2-2-2017

Schauna Chauhan 34-year-old is a CEO of Parle Agro and the eldest daughter of Prakash Chauhan, its founder. “In the past year, we have made additions to our portfolio by adding new brand extensions says Chauhan, who runs the Rs 1,500-crore company with her sisters, Alisha and Nadia.

She has been associated with the business since 1999 as a director of Parle at age 22. Since she took over as CEO in 2006, the group has diversified into areas like confectionery, pure fruit juices and baked snacks, and has rapidly expanded its global presence with spread across to over 20 countries.  She is married to Bollywood actor Bikram Saluja who looks up to her father and the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, as her role models. She is also in the list of 30s most powerful woman.

Schauna Chauhan is the force behind Parle Agro’s (the parent brand of Frooti) innovation machine in India and also behind the aggressive new face of the Rs 1, 500-crore FMCG group Parle Agro. Because she has challenged international giants such as PepsiCo by first launching LMN, a lemon based drink in the Rs.1, 500 crore non-carbonated segment, and Hippo, a baked health snack in the Rs. 6, 500 crore branded snacked segment.

Schauna Chauhan Saluja is one of the eldest daughters of Prakash Chauhan, among those who do. Mainly when it comes to her personal style. Her confidence is evident in how Schauna wears her grey hair.

The 39-year-old, who has worked her way up the business and is a known workaholic, has been advised by many people to colour her hair but she intends to stick to her guns. “I know so many of my friends and family who do but I find my white against my black hair so elegant, powerful, stylish and natural,” she says. “I have chosen to let my hair go white. The salt-and-pepper look has become an extension of my personality.

Her vision to grow our brands and to continue innovating new products. We’d like to focus on increasing our market share in the countries that we are exporting to  and increase our distributorship there. We have now started exporting Mango Pulp as well

Tips of Schauna Chauhan that helps us in success at work:-

  • The best way to involve in your family business.
  • Learn something new every day, because knowledge is wealth.
  • Live each day like it’s your last.
  • Chase your dreams if that’s what you really want because they are not going.
  • Stop worrying about small things in life. Focus on the bigger picture.
  • Stop wasting time on people who don’t accept who or what you are, because it’s very important to be you!
  • Why don’t you smile and dress up  we feel very confident
  • Why don’t you stop complaining, and do something about it.
  • Why don’t you question everything-that way not only will you learn more, but
  • You might also find the answer to your problem.
  • Why don’t you believe in yourself when things are looking down; don’t give up. It’s only a phase.
  • Why don’t you invest your money so you make money?
  • Why don’t you knock on every door and explore all resources.
  • Why don’t you celebrate your success-it will make you feel good and motivate you further. Never underestimate your own strength.
  • Why don’t you use your powers to have a positive influence on others?


Ever since Schauna Chauhan joined her family business, she’s been a major catalyst in morphing the scale and growth of the company. Parle Agro’s aggressive international market capture strategy can easily be attributed to her sharp sighted approach and acumen. It was 1999 when she joined the company’s board as a director and later became the CEO in 2006.

Facts about Schauna chauhan:-


  • She is the CEO Parle agro and elected daughter of founder Prakash chauhan.
  • She has been associated in the business since 1999.
  • She took over as CEO in 2006.
  • She is the force behind the innovation of Parle Agro.
  • Her confidence is evident in how Schauna wears her grey hair.
  • She’s been a major catalyst in morphing the scale and growth of the company.



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